you are a tolerant nation????!!!!

tolerant of what???? the ones who agree with your and your rules, beliefs and ideas…. while trying to push them down the throat of people and societies that really, really do not want them…. When was the last time that you guys said “hey… that place wants to play by it's own rules, follow it's own traditions and laws- and we should not mess with their own choices?”

Remind me again, how many mosques were fire-bombed, how many Muslims ( both men and women) attacked on the streets ? How many hate-crimes against homosexuals, people of color or another religion are there on weekly or daily bases?????

But- if it is about you- then those are “isolated incidents” — — when it comes to others “an isolated incident” becomes the way you paint an entire nation ( or culture)

Actually, I am doing the same thing as you — — attacking the nation, I shouldn’t.. just like everywhere- there are all sorts of people and some of the best I ever met were in the states

But I have seen it too many times……..

individuals writing heart-breaking posts about suffering of the victims of human trafficking in some distant part of the world… but who completely ignore the same victims- the 13 year old girls imported from somewhere else who are selling their bodies for the profit of pimps as they pass them on the streets —

People sending money, or clothes to some god forsaken place ( BTW- they never get there) — but who push away the beggars in their own town, and who would never give the same clothes to a homeless person sleeping in a cardboard box just down the street……

Or… talking big about “freedom” in other places while living in a country which has more prisoners ( per capita) than anywhere in the world- including Iran and North Korea…..

No, it is not about you living in a “tolerant nation” ….. it is simply about the fact that attacking everything that has to do with Islam ( even if you do not understand anything about it….) — since that is the easy target which would give you the most reads…. and the most pats on the back.

And maybe some insane jew did not throw acid in someones face… but tell me, how does the Jewish society treat the women who refuse to follow the norm? Who decide to grow their hair even after they are married…. they are ostracized, their families are shamed… they are coerced into doing exactly what they do not want to do….

And, tell me again, how can you relate to the women in Iran???!!!! What do you know about them, their country or their culture???? How many Iranians do you even know? Again, have you ever been there? Have you seen the streets and the way the women dress and are treated???? Did you even know that that particular country has the highest percentage of women in Universities and colleges…. yes very, very few cases of campus rape or sexual assaults, even harassment ( the fact that they execute people for rape, helps a lot in prevention…) — Most of them have the educational and life choices western women can only dream of- and it is all paid for by the state….

For you, the Iranians are the subject of choice for the moment… nothing else… something to make you feel good about yourself when you write a post. And have a few people telling you that you did a “good job” …..

It is so much easier to criticize the other…. than to actually try and do something to fix things in your own back yard…. the first one makes you feel good about yourself- makes you believe that you are a good person…. the second, actually means doing something and confronting the consequences ( there are no consequences for talking smack about something two continents away) … it means acting- and actually being a good person — —

reporter/journalist, musician. writer, teacher…a chronicler & general smart ass

reporter/journalist, musician. writer, teacher…a chronicler & general smart ass