It all depends on how you want to look at things… and Americans are great at putting blame at anyone but themselves. We might discuss this for a long time, but the point is that there is no difference between the people and the politics- since, the people are the ones who dictate the politics. ( and in US case, the wars of the country)

even though most voters would like to think along the lines “it is the government that is doing it”- they never stop to think about why is the government doing things.. for example — Americans are completely addicted to their cars- thus oil. And they want a lot of cheap gasoline. Now, how my voters would support a candidate that says “if you elect me the price of your petrol will quadruple” ??? I suppose none, or very, very few… the majority will support the one that delivers even cheaper oil, which will lower the expenses of the voter. What the voters do not think about, is what is making it possible for the oil to come cheap. You may say “I do not support the oil wars”- but you are still going to enjoy the low prices of petrol, and decide not to vote for the one that might stop the wars- but will also make petrol much more expensive. So, the vote goes to the one that brings cheap petrol and more wars — but it also allows the voters to have their goods with affordable prices- but, also it allows them to sleep fine at night since they can always say “it is the government.. not me”- stopping to think that it is their choices that push government actions does not happen. It would mean taking responsibility which the voters do not want.

At the most extreme level- if any population is so unhappy with the way the country is governed- they rise up, create so much pressure that hings change, … considering that the vast majority of Americans keep their heads down, and keep choosing the individuals that perpetuate wars, it appears that this is the way they want things to be.

So, it is not that what happens on the government level is not the same as on an individual level. It is the individual level which decides what the government level will do…

As for Iran.. it is far from perfect ( just like any society)… but it is also far from what the west is portraying it to be… And what I find slightly unnerving is the fact that even the people who claim to be “free thinkers” , “against the current system” etc… still keep buying ( and selling) exactly what the system wants them to buy. Iran has a whole lot of downsides — but it sure as hell beats almost all societies in its region ( including Turkey) — and is absolutely nothing like the picture which is painted about it in the eye of the public…. All I am saying is that people should start figuring things out by themselves- and not buy into every propaganda BS that is placed out there…

Now, can I ask you something…. why did you feel the need to write “ Muslim by faith, born in the USA and as American as apple pie” on your profile??? A funny thing, considering I have never seen a WASP american placing “as american as apple pie”- on their profiles. I guess it is probably because they feel no need to prove who or what they are to anyone… So why do you have to do it?

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